7 Steps to Financial Independence

Life is hard. You've lost your job. Maybe you've witnessed others losing their jobs, and you're worried. Jobs are scarce. What can you do to generate some supplemental income? Wouldn't it be great to work a regular 9 - 5 job and still have legitimate money coming in on the side?

I have had the chance to fail over the years at several business ventures. Some have included fly-by-night internet opportunities, unstable multi-level marketing companies, and selling on ebay. I still say that all of the above can work, if given the proper time, money and attention, perhaps. However, many of us don't have time and the market is saturated with people making the same attempts. So it is really a matter of "how do you get ahead of the pack?"

We have seen time and time again that network marketing works. Of course it works! If it didn't there wouldn't continue to be people investing in it. To really make it in that type of business, the average person will have to step out of their comfort zone to:

1. Sell to prospects
2. Manage inventory
3. Invite prospects to meeting and attend
4. Jump on weekly conference calls
5. Constantly recruit to minimize attrition impact

Having to do these tasks consistently can be a little intimidating to a lot of folks. As a result, the average person stays in a network marketing business for no more than 90 days.


Selling on Ebay can be both rewarding and lucrative, but there is a catch..... What are you going to sell, how low can you go without losing your shirt, and can you repeat this activity day end and day out? The best thing that you can do to have a profitable Ebay business is to find something that you are an expert on, buy it in bulk, and give yourself enough leverage to make a profit and pay for listing fees at the same time. Sometimes at best, you may just break even.