Important Steps To Financial Freedom

Here are some important things you should follow to be financial independent:

1: Find a market
A "niche" is a small sector of a specific market. There are different types of demands the market will have. Make a list of products / solutions you find for each of the types then refine this based on your research.

A solution to a problem - To establish what problems exist in the market, go to theforumsite (dot) com then slash and forum, there is a list of forums the go through for ideas and research.

The latest Trend (this could be anything) - search Ebay.pulse, Amazon, there are a number of sites you can use that will give you information on what products are currently in demand

A good product will always be "making more money" (this has a lot of competition). You need to research this area carefully before selecting a product, there are a lot of "scams" in this niche.

This covers most subjects from DIY (do it yourself)to crafts, hobbies, exercises, property.

2: Find a product to solve that issue.
Now research and find a product that your market will want (not need). Market your product to your potential customers. The product could come from CLICKBANK, CommissionJunction (CJ), there are other merchants but these are the most used.

Clickbank has downloadable products and has tutorials to show you what to do. There are training videos that show you how to set up a Clickbank account(in about 30 seconds) and show you how you use it.

You earn commission on the products that are purchased through your link. The commission is a percentage of the price (about 30% to 70%). Multiply your commission amount by the no of sales.

3: Marketing your product
Do not SPAM, it is not necessary. Go to article directories and sign up as an author.
People will find the articles and link them to their websites for their customers.

Read the Author submission guidelines to understand what is allowed. This will show you exactly how to set up your article, show you the guide lines.

4: Get the business rewards
Clickbank will send you a check (cheque) every 2 weeks based on your sales. If after about 90 days you have made consistent commission they will probably start to deposit the commission straight into your bank account.

5: Repeat steps 1 to 4 again
If you keep doing steps 1 to 4 with a new product each time you will have multiple streams of income.

There are some systems priced at about 100 dollars and others have different entry levels from 500 dollars up to 3000 dollars.

To succeed there are a number of points, the product needs to deliver on it's statements. If the product is good then word will spread fast and people will purchase it. If a product is bad or a scam, the news will spread even faster.

Never just copy text from another article, web page or document and use it in your article, this is plagiarism and you can have legal action taken against you.

Your income will depend on how you use this information.