Top 11 Ways to Be in Charge of Your Financial Fate

It can take a marvelous amount of courage and faith to take charge of our financial destiny but the price we'll pay if we don't is like buying on credit: Every day that goes by without getting it handled just makes the ultimate price steeper and steeper. Here are the Top 10 Way to turn that around and be the one in Charge of YOUR Financial Destiny.

1. Set up your financial baseline.

Track down everything and nail the numbers down.

2. Face the music.

There may be a few of you having difficulty coming to terms with just how well off you are, but you're more likely to be in the group of people coming to terms with how bad things seem

3. Don't rely on your day job.

Unluckily in corporate America loyalty seems to have become a one way street. Companies expect it from their employees but refuse to offer it in return. If the bottom line suggests the company is better off without you, then you have become totally expendable without any consequences in the eyes of the company.

4. Build other streams of income.

There's lots of ways to do that, but it most likely means that means you're probably going to want to...

5. Start your own business.

If you're like most people you've always wanted to.

6. Make every financial decision an informed decision.

Feeling uncertain about the financial advice your getting means you need to raise your financial IQ.

7. Make decisions.

Prepare yourself for a steep learning curve and to raise your tolerance for frustration and learn the money game - once and for all. There'll always be something new to learn, but if you have a solid financial education to use it with you'll rarely be led astray.

8. Get a mentor.

This is definitely the most common piece of advice people get and the most likely piece of advice you'll ignore. Finding the perfect mentor is a process and an art form.

9. Dedicate yourself to mastering your income domain.

No matter what vehicle(s) you're choosing to produce income in your life, dedicate yourself to becoming the master of it (them).

10. Give yourself permission to fail.

There is a classic story of how hunters in the jungle catch monkeys by placing their favorite objects in jars that barely fit through the neck. When the monkey reaches in and grabs the object his hand becomes too large to pull back out unless he lets go of the object he's grabbing for.

11. Take your power back.

Up until this point, who's been calling the shots of your financial destiny? Your boss? Your stock broker? Your financial planner? Husband? Wife? Brother-in-law?It's time to take your power back.

When you make decisions about handling your money, be clear that it is YOUR decision about handling money.

Anyone committed to creating wealth needs a competent and professional team of people offering advice, but don't ever delude yourself that it's ultimately their decision, because it's not - its yours.