The Secrets Of Success In Trading Forex , Facts To Help

The Secrets Of Success In Trading Forex , Facts To Help
You can find a lot of people telling you secrets of Forex trading success online but the secret of success is not, what these vendors of Forex robots and foretelling systems tell you. The actual Forex secret of success is bare by just knowing and understanding the fact enclosed, let's take a look at it...
Let's begin with the fact itself and then why it is so noteworthy in leading you to Forex trading success - here is the truth:
About 95% of traders lose money at Forex trading and this part of losers, has remained the same since trading began. If you think about this fact, in terms of the advances we have seen in the last hundred years in terms of technology, the power of computers, software programs, news and speed of price delivery - NONE of these advances in technology have helped change the ratio of losers! Traders think that complex systems and technology, can "beat the market" but our fact proves otherwise, the real secret of success is "something else" so let's look at what it is.
If you want to win at Forex trading you need a simple robust system, not a difficult or complex one; the reason for this is:
Easy systems have fewer basics to break and our fact said earlier supports this; the real problem for most traders lies within them and that's why, the ratio of losers has stayed at 95% throughout history and will possibly still be the same in a hundred years time.
All Traders are human beings and greed and fear causes them to run losses and cut profits and this leads to their end. They basically cannot keep losses small, they run them and this leads to disaster. On the other hand, they don't have the courage to run profits and cut them early - so they run their losses and cut their profits, when they should do the exact opposite!