How to Live in Heaven on Earth!

How to Live in Heaven on Earth!

The poverty in our World is a reality. Heaven is so far as we can’t terminate poverty. So how can we do and live in Heaven on Earth?

The answer is so simple: The Solidarity. The problem is we use solidarity at a wrong way, that’s why we fail in our goal to fight poverty. So let’s talk about the right way to use the Solidarity to live in Heaven on Earth.

In all countries we have social funds which help retired people to live with a minimum of money. Creating such funds comes from the solidarity idea, but the idea is not well understood or not well used. The social funds extract a limited amount of money from the future retired salary and give it to him when he retired as a limited salary. This is the wrong way using the solidarity.

The right way is extracting very limited amount of money from each employee income and invest it for the benefit of all the retired people of the country. Let me explain: imagine that we extract 0.1% from every income each day then we invest that money for the profit of retired people. Let’s talk with numbers: imagine all incomes in the USA are the same: $1000. The 0.1% of each income is $1. That means if we have only 70,000,000 employees in the USA with that income, we will collect $70,000,000 each day. This is $2,100,000,000 every month. If USA invests that money properly it will terminate poverty and let people live in Heaven on Earth.

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