5 Common Mistakes in Forex Trading

Here we will look at some common Forex mistakes which wipe traders out and of course you need to avoid them to win. The majority of novices make them so let's take a look at them.

In a moment we will show you how to win at currency trading but first, here are the Forex mistakes to avoid if you want to become successful.

1. Buying Sure fire Systems

Most traders think they can buy a cheap software package, make no effort and join the winning 5% and make huge gains for life. Alas, it's not that easy to win and these traders are very naïve to say the least. If you want to win, in an industry where 95% of traders lose, you need to make an effort.

2. Swapping Systems

Traders use one system and it start to lose, so they swap to another one and just chase their tail and lose time after time.

There is no perfect system and if you want to win, you have to learn to lose in the short term and keep your losses small, until you hit a winning run again. Don't look for perfection simply look to make money long term.

3. Trying to be Clever and Complicated

Traders think they can win by being clever or making their system complicated but Forex trading is simple and simple systems work best - want proof?

Well over the last 50 years, we have seen huge advances in technology and news sources, speed of delivery but the ratio of winners to losers remains the same - 95% so it hasn't helped!

4. Not Understanding Volatility of Price Movement

If you don't understand it and its significance, you will never win at Forex trading so make it part of your essential Forex education. We don't have time to discuss it fully here, simply look up our other articles but you need to understand volatility, to enter your orders with the best risk to reward.

5. Lack of Discipline

If you can't execute your trading plan with discipline, you don't have one. Most traders can't take losses, get annoyed or frustrated and deviate from what they should be doing, they either swap systems (which we looked at earlier) run losses, or quit.

You need to trade with discipline to win and this means - accepting your losses and keeping them small, until you hit profitable trades again.

Winning at Forex Trading Requires

Just a simple trading system, you have confidence in and can trade with discipline. To win you need a simple robust system and more importantly, the mindset to execute it with discipline.

You don't need a college degree to win and you don't have to spend months learning or executing your system, you can learn in a few weeks and make big profits in just 30 minutes a day; understand the message in this article and your all set for Forex trading success.