Make Money Online:Solutions and Training

So let me start with a question, I'm sure you are thinking! Is it possible to make good money online? Yes! There are tens of thousands of ways to make good honest money online; however you need the education, knowledge, and tools, to hone your skills to complete this task.

I have spent a couple of years researching this, and the money I have gone through while doing so has been in the thousands. So I, in part designed this review web site to help steer you ether beginner and or intermediates in the right direction and make sure you don't get caught in the same Get Rich Quick traps I did, to get a good education, while saving you time, money, grief, and anger in the process.

Why? Because out of the one billion viewers that surf the internet every day the amount of people, or companies, doing e commerce online is really low as compared to the amount of people that surf. I read somewhere that it was in fact 1% on average, which I find really hard to believe, so I would speculate that number would be more like 25 to 30% which is still really low. Regardless the internet is growing every second, and there is always room for people willing to educate their selves for the future.

Also I have noted in great detail on my review web page the list of known scams to stay away from and why, so you don't get caught in these traps. The final point I would like to make here before moving on, is please feel free to move to the web page, you are under no obligation to buy anything. It is strictly an information site for your benefit; however it has links to one program and two e books that I am recommending should you decide to move forward and pursue this venture.

The primary focuses of this one program and two e Books' I have outlined is Marketing and believe me you don't have to be internet guru, or a computer geek, to figure it out, anybody can do it and its fun.

Now to start off you notice I have not offered you unmitigated wealth in 30 minutes, or "Get rich Quick Anybody Can Do It Even If Your Fred Flintstone" (Sorry! a little humor There) but I'm sure you get my drift, if you have been looking or even considering starting an e based business, it's like playing a game of snakes and ladders to get information. But in my findings all of these are hooks, trade secrets, or methodologies, in the many facets and avenues of online marketing, and if you don't understand the basics of online marketing you're going to get lost vary quickly and you just might lose your shirt in the process.

My first recommendation is the Profit Lance Automated Wealth Course It is a wealth of information, and tools, in all facets of online marketing. The course is designed in away where you learn theory followed by step by step practical, working projects to master your skills. So yes! While you are learning, the potential is there to make some good money too. It all depends on the individual and how you interpret the information provided and in what area of marketing that you the individual feel he or she is better suited for.

What I mean by this is, there are marketer's out there that will do all the various methods available for a project, using Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Ask, or Search engine PPC (Pay Per Click), Google AdSense, Article marketing, Blogging, and, email messaging. While others are just happy to go with Google AdSense, and article marketing, and finally some just strictly work with PPC and can't be bothered with other methods. But more so it is the product, research, keyword searches, and finding the right niche that should mandate what avenues you take to successfully market online which is all covered in the course.

The program, and I, both recommend that in the beginning you stay away from PPC and work with Blogging, article marketing, and the Google AdSense program, because it free and there's a lot other areas you need to concern yourself with before you start paying for the top rankings in search engines.

Also addressed is creating virtual real estate and building your business, standing behind your products, and gaining the trust of your viewers. As well as search engine optimization or SEO for your website so SE spiders can find your Ad's easily, and rank your website within the major search engines. This course literally leaves no stone unturned when it comes to online marketing, and the onetime fee at the beginning is a life time membership that you can refer to for years to come.

The only additional costs after that is web hosting if you don't have your own website, and cloaking software which is a security feature you need for affiliated marketing so nobody can hop onto your commissions. Also the course offers videos in all sections to help you learn, videos to navigate the main page itself, a glossary of frequently asked questions and email support should there be an unusual question within a one day turnaround time.

As I mentioned earlier I have searched both the internet and local news papers for two years trying to cut through the you know, to find a course I could trust to start an e business and I found it. Mind you! In these few paragraphs I have only touched the surface of the information, and scope, of this program. For the beginner who wants to learn and intermediates, this truly is the best course in my mind the web has to offer.

Also mentioned earlier with regard to hooks, trade secrets, and methods! When you have worked your way through the Profit Lance system, and have experienced various campaigns working with PPC, and AdSense Based, programs. Then and only then, you can start looking towards optimization, specific to the many areas of online marketing. So its smart money being spent, over money thrown away in granger of getting Rich, In other words, I do not recommend these types of e books for beginners, even thou some do entice just that.

AdWords Confessions is temporarily off line at the present time, but it has to do with PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns, by improving one's copy writing abilities to increase conversion, and sales, thus minimizing or decreasing the cost per click ratios. Since AdWords Confessions is offline I will monitor this situation for the next week or two and if no solution is found you can email me for other options.

Affiliate Project X, I will recommend only for the intermediates, and advanced, users this e book addresses various techniques and strategies to help affiliate marketers boost their incomes on a campaign bases using various methods.

There are six core methods outlined that cover ways to maximize your affiliate income by investigating what products are selling and implementing methods to either offer better value than other affiliates, or to mimic what successful affiliates are already doing.

These are examples of the 100s of types of e books on the net, from internet guru's with courses specific to their methodologies, The world of online marketing is still new and different from the real world marketing in terms of driving traffic, catch, and convert.

But one thing that you will eventually notice is all the sales pages all thou different, in terms of offering, the sales pages and content are similar in structure. The reason for this is you have to grab your audience before they click away, back it up with confessions, and then hopefully convert to buyers, which is a lot harder to do in a virtual world. Also due to the speed that things happen in the internet world little to no time is spent on styling or individualizing pages to stand out from the rest, the focus is all driven toward content. One thing you will learn should decide to move forward with this venture is research is a very important process to being successful, so please use the same, method before you consider purchasing, that is why I have put a bookmark this page on the review site. Research, find out what people are saying, and should you decide move forward, go back to the review page and move forward.

I can't stress enough that, when you have your business up and running and making good money. The more you can learn will only make you better in the long run, and the expenses for these e books can then be written off on the business. Also with a good understanding of the online marketing business as a whole, all these various offers and strategies become resourceful solutions, not traps.

On a final note, for those of you that speak in a foreign language, as far as I know these programs and e books are in the English language only, however advertising with Google AdWords, AdSense, and in all the major search engines, can all be done in the language of choice with advertising directed to the country of choice.

In closing,Getting rich again never comes with schemes, or scam, getting rich comes with hard work, believing in your products, and standing behind them, with integrity, trust, and finally good sound morel ethics to your customers being virtual or real world. Sure you will see people coming in getting rich today and gone tomorrow, but the real winners here are the ones who stand out in a crowd with an audience larger than life, that viewers and customers trust and refer, it's up to you .